Company Policy

MasterMac Surfacing Ltd

Company Overview

MasterMac Surfacing Limited is a contracting company which is involved in the application on site of coated bitumen road stone. The work is undertaken by competent asphalt crews where MasterMac Surfacing Limited either supply mechanical plant or where other contractors supply their own mechanical plant.

The company undertakes projects for multi national companies, local authorities and private developers. The type of work varies from project to project. The work will usually be under the instruction of the client and in the majority of cases any traffic management will be undertaken by the Client or the Client’s Representative, unless otherwise previously agreed.

Coated road stone is delivered to site by licensed subcontracted Hauliers usually agreed by our clients. MasterMac Surfacing Limited regularly reviews the performance of the hauliers when directly employed or contracted by MasterMac Surfacing Limited.

All the asphalt crews have several years experience. The safety performance of all the asphalt crews is regularly monitored by MasterMac Surfacing Limited, Health and Safety Manager, Supervisors and Foremen.

MasterMac Surfacing Limited owned mechanical plant is regularly maintained by our team of fitters. All MasterMac Surfacing Limited fitters carry out works to the manufacturers specifications at all times.

The Directors take and encourage personal ownership of safety at all levels. Our supervisors also undertake to maintain the highest safety standards.

The company recognizes the importance of employing competent employees and has contributed to increasing the performance of our company by undertaking an extensive training programmed including Safe Pass, First Aid and plant operator training, and any other relevant training as the needs arise.